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Project Name:Expanding Outreach in Wisconsin”

Project Overview: 

The Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association will coordinate a robust, data-driven outreach effort across Wisconsin aimed at:

  1. Informing uninsured individuals about their new health coverage options, and
  2. Equipping those interested in the Marketplace with the information they need to be an informed consumer and make the enrollment process more efficient. ‘

This project will be modeled after the “Get Covered America” campaign sponsored by Enroll America.

WPHCA will partner with Enroll America, Wisconsin’s directly-participating Federally Qualified Health Centers, AmeriCorps, and the state’s Regional Enrollment Networks.  Directly participating FQHC’s include:

  • Northern Health Centers
  • Progressive Community Health Center
  • Partnership Community Health Center
  • NorthLakes Community Health Center
  • Bridge Clinic (Wausau, WI)
  • Waukesha Community Health Center
  • Kenosha Community Health Center


The “Expanding Outreach in Wisconsin” project goals are:

Goal 1: Develop a statewide outreach, education and canvassing strategy to inform consumers about their health insurance coverage options and improve efficiencies within the enrollment process. 

Goal 2: Implement a consumer outreach and education campaign targeted at individuals’ likely to be uninsured and eligible for health insurance through the Marketplace or Medicaid and inform them of their new health coverage options.

Goal 3: Insure that uninsured individuals have the information they need to be informed consumers and reduce the amount of time spent by enrollment assisters  to  collect information necessary to complete an enrollment.

About the Grantee:

The Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association (WPHCA) is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 1982 to provide technical assistance to Wisconsin’s community, homeless, and migrant health centers.   The mission of the Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association is to advance the efforts of Wisconsin Community Health Centers in providing access to comprehensive, community-oriented primary health care services.  WPHCA accomplishes its mission through a wide range of activities and services to members, including information and public education, government relations and legislative advocacy and training and technical support, guidance and support opportunities.