On Thursday, September 17 from 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. EDT, the Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc. (MCAN), The George Washington University School of Public and Health Services and RCHN Community Health Foundation will host a webinar on childhood asthma and health reform.

Debate and interest surrounding attempts to reform the nation’s health care system are at an all-time high. Questions abound: How much will it cost? How will it change life for people who have insurance; or provide coverage for those who don’t? And what will it mean for children, particularly those at risk for serious and chronic conditions such as asthma? A panel of health care and policy experts will:

  • Deliver a high-level overview of childhood asthma
  • Provide an insider view on the current health reform debate
  • Describe key reform provisions and their implications for childhood asthma

Feygele Jacobs, MPH, MS Executive VP and COO of the RCHN Community Health Foundation, will participate in the event. Other speakers include:

  • Jeff Levi, PhD, Executive Director of Trust for America’s Health
  • Floyd Malveaux, MD, PhD, Executive Director of MCAN
  • Sara Rosenbaum, JD, George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services
  • Gail Wilensky, PhD, Senior Fellow at Project HOPE
  • Mary Woolley, President of Research!America

For more information, contact Danielle DeForge at (202) 609-6011 or ddeforge@ccapr.com. Also visit www.mcanonline.org.

Following the panel’s discussion, the line will be opened for questions.