Our Mission and Vision.


The mission of the RCHN Community Health Foundation (RCHN CHF) is to support and benefit federally qualified community health centers and the communities and patients they serve across America.

RCHN CHF envisions a society where all persons and communities have access to comprehensive primary and preventive care, regardless of an ability to pay for superior care, and where medical underservice has been eliminated and health disparities eradicated.  

Community health centers (CHCs) serve a vital role in their communities by improving patient and population health, lowering overall health care costs, and generating economic opportunities. They are key to RCHN CHF’s vision, and its work, which focuses on supporting, nurturing, and strengthening health centers so that they can continue to be at the vanguard of excellence.

The Foundation’s signature projects and programs focus on helping health centers enhance their capacity, strengthen operations, and expand access. Our initiatives aim both to address the unique challenges that community health centers face today, and support the development of opportunities to sustain health centers in the future. The Foundation’s work includes direct grant making, coalition building, and dedicated policy and health information technology research.