RCHN Community Health Foundation Will Sunset in 2021.

Since our founding in 2005, the RCHN Community Health Foundation has been dedicated to supporting and nurturing the community health center movement. Though modest in size, the Foundation has developed a robust voice in community health improvement, undertaking ambitious programs in policy research, policy communication, and grant-making to improve health and health care. 

As we neared our 15th anniversary, our Board of Directors recognized that our greatest achievements are reflected in the work of our grantees and the broader health center program and determined that our mission would be best served by a purposeful spend-down, awarding our remaining resources to a small number of organizations that share the Foundation’s commitment to supporting community health centers and healthcare access and equity. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded and we accelerated our giving to provide emergency resources, we knew we made the right decision to sunset and provide larger and long-term funding commitments. Our plans will allow us to invest now in significant initiatives that will help support the future of the health center program when it is needed most. 

What is happening?
In 2021-22, major gifts and grants will be made to three organizations whose work is closely aligned with the Foundation’s mission, complemented by smaller awards to several other organizations. These final grants reflect our dedication to having a meaningful and sustained impact on community health, beyond the Foundation’s lifespan. You can read our press release on those gifts here

We are, of course, honoring all funding agreements that were made previously and completing all committed projects. 

While our physical office will close in June 2021, Foundation resources such as Chronicles will continue to be available online for the foreseeable future, and plans are underway to migrate our policy briefs and related resources to partner organizations and institutions.