Population Health Initiative.

The term “population health” has become prominent in health policy since its inclusion in The Triple Aim. Population health management in an essential element in two major, closely related areas of health reform: clinical practice transformation and health system transformation, including payment reform. States and the federal government recognize that primary care is the foundation for transformation of both the care delivery system and supportive payment reforms that generate improved quality of care and control costs. Given the current healthcare landscape and the rapid evolution of health reform at the state and national levels, successful health centers will require capacity for strong population health management that is sustainable and improves over time to keep pace with health reforms and pressures from the marketplace.

Request for Letters of Interest – CLOSED
The Request for Letters of Interest describes the Foundation’s 2017 population health grant initiative. The Foundation seeks to identify and support a representative and committed group of health center and primary care association grantees and partners that are planning or are engaged in local or state initiatives to participate in “health neighborhoods” that address a specified challenge in population health management, such as improving clinical outcomes or addressing specific utilization concerns while also addressing local, upstream causes of health disparities. We aim to identify and disseminate a spectrum of best practices that may be adapted by most health center organizations to help accelerate health center progress, while building upon past and current initiatives and addressing remaining gaps for health centers at the local and national levels. All applications for funding through this program are initiated with the submission of a Letter of Interest (LOI) through the Foundation’s online grants system.

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