A new policy brief “Assessing the Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Uninsured Community Health Center Patients: A Nationwide and State-by-State Analysis,” estimates that more than 5 million health center patients would have gained coverage had all states participated in a sweeping Medicaid expansion.  However, with nearly half of all CHCs located in states that have opted out of the expansion, a million uninsured CHC patients who would have been covered under a nationwide expansion will likely be left without the protection of health insurance.  Further, the health centers in these states stand to lose over $555 million in revenue they would have received had their states expanded Medicaid.

The report lead authors Peter Shin and Sara Rosenbaum  and health center CEO Rachel Gonzales-Hanson will present the analysis and report findings, and discuss implications for  community health centers and the patients and communities they serve. To participate in this free event please click here to register.