RCHN CHF CHroniCles booth in the Expo Hall at the 2018 NACHC Policy and Issues Forum. (Image: RCHN CHF)

Did you catch us at the 2018 NACHC Policy and Issues Forum? We were there showcasing  CHroniCles, an interactive multimedia website dedicated to documenting and recording the contributions that CHCs and PCAs across the country have made to expanding access to health care and delivering high-quality, comprehensive services.

CHroniCles  – conceived in conjunction with NACHC and the Geiger Gibson program, and developed and hosted by RCHN CHF – honors the rich heritage of health centers, and celebrates and preserves the living history of the health center movement. It showcases hundreds of collected narratives, photos, and documents, as well as a range of materials aimed at raising awareness of the unique role of community health centers in the American healthcare system.

Whether your health center or PCA is celebrating its 5th anniversary or its 50th, we would love to hear from you about how and why your organization got started, and what makes it unique. We can’t wait to add your organization to ChroniCles and grow the exceptional national health center story.

To get involved, start, or update your profile, or to schedule a webinar about ChroniCles for your PCA membership, please contact Irene Bruce, CHroniCles Coordinator, via email to ibruce@rchnfoundation.org.

For more about the remarkable history of the health center movement since its founding in 1965, watch Changing Care Changing Lives, recorded as part of the CHroniCles project.