A new data note summarizes and analyzes survey data collected by HRSA, as reported for June 26, 2020. Among the key findings:

  • Community health centers have now tested more than 1.4 million patients for the COVID-19 virus since reporting began in April.
  • A total of 221,795 health center patients have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, accounting for one in 11 (nine percent) of cases nationally.
  • In the week prior to the survey, 176,955 health center patients were tested for the COVID-19 virus,representing the highest number of COVID-19 virus tests since patient testing reporting began in April.
  • While testing is up, so is turn-around time, with more than one-third (34 percent) of health centers reporting average wait time for COVID-19 viral test results of four or more days.
  • Visits are increasing, but remained 26% below average weekly pre-COVID 19 levels.
  • The number of temporarily closed sites also increased to 1,495, or one in eight sites nationwide.

While community health centers have increased testing, the longer turn-around times to obtain test results, which reflect broader delays, may be indicative of capacity issues and could result in both delayed care, and greater spread. Further, while the decline in weekly visits is at its lowest level yet, the increase in the number of closed sites is a sign that health centers are still struggling to get back to full operational capacity.

The data note was produced by the Geiger Gibson/RCHN Community Health Foundation Research Collaborative.
Download the data note here.